Bioethanol fireplace Ebios-Fire La Vela Midi

La Vela Midi from Ebios-Fire is an elegant and unusual Bio Fireplace. It includes a set of three burners made in the form of fine stainless steel cylinder with a stable base.

The upper part can also be covered with a glass cylinder for protection against air currents and, thus, be used on a balcony or terrace (available as an extra option, not included in the base complectation).

Thermochrome mark in the form of a flame serves as a safety signal by changing color from black to red when heated.

Safe locking system prevents fuel leakage even when the burner tip-over.



​Fireplaces from ebios-fire® are exclusively fuelled with bioethanol – or simply "ethanol" – which is green, non-fossil fuel made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of organic matter – mainly sugarcane, potatoes and crops like grain or even hay.

​Bioethanol creates only a small amount of CO2 and water vapour when burning, which means that – if used in ebios-fire® burners – it has a clean combustion without any smoke, smell and soot emission and with no need for a chimney or flue.​

​​​As an alcohol-based liquid, bioethanol changes its form from liquid to gas at around 17°C. The developing vapours are heavier than air and remain therefore on top of the surface of the liquid bioethanol. Therefore, it is only the bioethanol gas, which is burning when lit and not the liquid itself.

Efficient Green Energy

All ebios-fire® appliances are technically engineered in such a manner that their combustion temperature secures not only a minimum fuel consumption but also a clean combustion of bioethanol. This means in turn that a chimney or flue are not needed and thus that 100% of the heat generated are kept indoors

Fuel Consumption

Unlike wood or gas burning fireplaces, the flame behaviour seen in bioethanol fireplaces is very much influenced by airflow around the burner and draft conditions, which prevail in the individual setting. Both can have an undesired effect on the combustion temperature and the fuel consumption.

For more information about fuel consumption for a specific ebios-fire® model, please refer to details on this product.


​All ebios-fire® models are manufactured by Spartherm Feuerungstechnik, GMBH at two modern production facilities which are equipped with cutting-edge technology machinery like welding robots, laser cutters and powder-coating lines. Well-trained staff lovingly hand-finishes each fireplace model before it undergoes an extensive test programme in the laboratory.

Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 5.4
Width, sm 8
Height, sm 52.8
Depth, sm 8
Characteristics of biofireplaces
Burning time до 5 часов
Container capacity 0.500
Material steel
Burner type Wick burner
Line of fire
Type of biofireplace floor
Min. Room Volume
General characteristics
Country of origin Germany

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Bioethanol fireplace Ebios-Fire La Vela Midi

  • Brand: Ebios Fire
  • Product Code: La Vela Midi
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