Fireplace Colonia+MA 263(B)SL

What is included in the price of this offer?

This price includes compatible fireplace insert and lining (fireplace portal) of Italian factory Piazzetta, with 10% discount for complex supply.
The price does not include additional materials and works (the construction of the convection thermo-box of plasterboard with fire-resistant insulation foiled with basalt mats).
The cost of the works and additional materials may vary depending on your design project, construction of the house where the fireplace will be installed and, as a rule, ranges from 8-10 thousand UAH for thermo-box.
There is a separate calculation for the construction of the chimney, if it is not ready for connection of the fireplace insert.
The estimate can be granted only after consultation with the engineer on your object.
Can I order the facing of another color or another size?You can separately order the chimney facing (choose suitable for your interior color of majolica, for a series of portals I Veneziani, or configuration options for the series Rustici) and fireplace insert (among compatible with this facing models), with a 10% discount which will be applied to the amount of your order.

Links to the facing and fireplace insert used in the construction of the fireplace on a photo - below.​
When choosing the design of the fireplace, you can proceed from:
  • either from the fireplace insert (on the bottom of page with fireplace insert there are placed compatible with it claddings, fireplace portals)
  • or from a suitable to you design of facing (fireplace inserts that are compatible with some facing listed at the bottom of the page of the facing).
Other fireplace inserts and fireplace portals (linings) are placed in the appropriate sections of the main menu of our site.
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Country of origin Italy

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Fireplace Colonia+MA 263(B)SL

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  • Brand: Piazzetta
  • Product Code: Colonia + MA 263 (B) SL
  • Availability: Made to order
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13,480 грн. (€490)

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69,580 грн. (€2,530)

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