Fireplace furnace Bef Therm V10

This fireplace insert refers to the model range Therm. 

General characteristics of fireplace inserts of this series:

BeF THERM - a new line of fireplace inserts with a characteristic combustion chamber. The BeF Therm series is suitable for both small and large rooms. The inner part of the chimney focus is fully laid out by Carcon, which contributes to a faster achievement of the optimum temperature inside the combustion chamber. Highly efficient steel construction with built-in "clean glass", which allows you to keep the glass clean for as long as possible. At the same time, the supply of clean air ensures less soot settling. With a comfortable steel handle framed by a leather casing that will protect you from burns.
The Czech company BeF Home produces and sells fireplace mantels of premium class. High efficiency and economical system of long-term combustion provide high performance with minimal fuel consumption.

Built-in outdoor air supply included - Central air supply from the outside of the device is optimized for automatic control of the combustion process, and complies with the European Decree on Environmental Protection and Pollution Control.

Clean combustion system - supplying air to the combustion chamber through a separate duct of the combustion chamber to ensure double afterburning and increase of efficiency (coefficient of efficiency).

Pure glass - a modern technology for cleaning glass, which allows it to remain transparent at all stages of the combustion process, structurally provided with a profiled frame, inside which air is fed.

Glass - a modern design of the door with ceramic refractory glass, along the perimeter of the glass is applied decorative spraying (keramografika).

Legs - height-adjustable feet are included in the delivery.

Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 0
Width, sm 1180
Height, sm 1585
Depth, sm 488
General characteristics
Country of origin Chech
Form of facade wide format
Body structure
Air intake
Facade width more than 100 см
Type of heating
Door opening
The bottom of combustion chamber
Width of facade, cm
Primary air
Secondary air
Flue damper
Ash pan
Technical data
Heating surface, m2
Efficiency, %
Heat output, kW
Flue gas temperature, °С
Wood consumption, kg/h
Flue diameter, mm
Logs length, mm

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Fireplace furnace Bef Therm V10

  • Brand: BeF Home
  • Product Code: Therm V10
  • Availability: Ask our consultant
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