Discount Fireplace insert BeF Home Trend V 8

This fireplace insert refers to the model range Trend. 

General characteristics of fireplace inserts of this series:

A body of fireplace insert is made of steel, the combustion chamber is lined with light refractory ceramic material Carcon. It helps to increase the temperature in the combustion chamber, to improve fuel combustion completeness and prolong the heat output from one wood stowage. In addition, the increase of temperature promotes cleaner combustion, preventing contamination of the glass.

The mechanism of vertical lifting of the door is equipped with a  closers - after the door was lowered, the lowest point is automatically communicated to the frame, providing maximum tight fit.

Efficiency of Trend fireplace inserts reaches 80-84%, which is very high index. In this series of inserts are used the most advanced technologies developed by the BeF Home to improve the efficiency of the combustion process. Trend inserts meets German Federal decree on protection against pollution of surface air BimSchV.

The modern design of the combustion chamber with a light ceramic lining, large variety of current models, including large-format, angular and triangular models meet strict German standards, coupled with a good quality / price ratio allow to inserts of Series Trend compete with the more expensive German counterparts in the European market .

Main features of this model:

Controled Triple Combustion Integral - the control element, which allows you to control the primary and secondary air and air for cleaning glass.

Air Flow - providing the main tributary of the outside air (built-in external air supply included). Central air supply from outside the device is optimized for automatic control of the combustion process, and corresponds to the new European order of protection of the environment and combating pollution.

Pro Burn - air supply to the combustion chamber through the double rear wall for dual afterburning and improving efficiency.

Clean Glass Evo Four - modern technology of cleaning glass, which allows it to remain transparent at all stages of the combustion process, construction is provided by shaped frame, into which air is supplied.

Easy Riser - a modern rope lifting mechanism of the guillotine, with a system of counterweights, ensuring the smooth opening of the door without any effort.

Pro Save - a mechanism for preventing the rise of the door when it is cleaning (in models with guillotine)

Glass - a modern door design with a ceramic fire-resistant glass. On the perimeter the glass is coated with the decorative spraying.

New profiled frame is covered with a modern powder polymer paint Komaxit. The frame is adjusted in depth to facilitate docking of the fireplace insert with a facing of the fireplace.

Adjustable in height legs included. In a series of Trend there is improved design of legs, they are also easier to adjust in height.

Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 234
Width, sm 97
Height, sm 141.5
Depth, sm 62.5
General characteristics
Country of origin Chech
Form of facade standard
Body structure
Air intake
Facade width 90-99 cm
Type of heating
Door opening
The bottom of combustion chamber
Width of facade, cm
Primary air
Secondary air
Flue damper
Ash pan
Technical data
Heating surface, m2
Efficiency, %
Heat output, kW
Flue gas temperature, °С
Wood consumption, kg/h
Flue diameter, mm
Logs length, mm

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Fireplace insert BeF Home Trend V 8

  • Brand: BeF Home
  • Product Code: Trend V8
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