Fireplace insert Invicta 800 Grande Vision relevable

100% cast-iron hearths, best material for heating.

100% Cast Iron

It is an excellent material for heating devices. It provides durability of stove and is completely recyclable. It has excellent thermal conductivity, heat resistance and high inertia. Cast iron stoves have a feature to store heat and release it gradually.

Flamme Verte

Flamme Verte - is a special sign of the French organization ADEME (Association of energy efficiency and environmental protection). Since 2010, such a sign is assigned to inserts, fireplaces and stoves, manufactured in France. It implies certain product requirements: the best combination of efficiency and environmental safety.
Thus, this sign of quality can obtain such heating devices, the efficiency of which is 70% or more, and the level of CO2 in the smoke - less than 0.3%. Flamme Verte («green flame") gives a guarantee of reliability, safety and efficacy of each furnace.

The warranty from the manufacturer - 5 years

Plant Invicta provides a guarantee on details of the stove for 5 years from the date of delivery of the goods by the vendor. During this period warranty applies to any defects in material or details. Plant Invicta undertakes to replace the defective parts free of charge. If the change is too complex, it is possible to replace the entire unit.

Plant Invicta - foundry and enamelling factory of a full cycle, located in France. The history of the plant dates back to 1924, and today can be specifically named as a leader in its field.
Invicta manufactures a large number of wood-burning stoves, which are focused on a wide range of consumers.
Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 202
Width, sm 79.8
Height, sm 57.6
Depth, sm 53.95
General characteristics
Country of origin France
Form of facade standard
Body structure
Air intake
Facade width 80-89 cm
Type of heating
Door opening vertical lifting
The bottom of combustion chamber
Width of facade, cm 80
Primary air
Secondary air fixed flow
Flue damper
Ash pan
Technical data
Efficiency, % 70
Heat output, kW 14
Flue diameter, mm 200
Logs length, mm 63

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Fireplace insert Invicta 800 Grande Vision relevable

  • Brand: Invicta
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