New Fireplace insert Piazzetta MC 85/55 BL

The steel case of the fire chamber MC 85/55 BL is 87.5x67.5 cm in size. The protective inner lining is made of high-temperature Aluker material. Glass door with lifting up. Nominal heat output 13.9 kW.

Home heating project developers, the Italian company Piazzetta, a manufacturer of furnaces and fireplaces, offers superior solutions that embody the best aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Due to their shapes and sizes, the MC series fireplace inserts provide the opportunity for a variety of installation types.

Steel construction

Reliability and durability

Steel construction of body of the fireplace insert, combined with cast iron hearth (bottom) of the combustion chamber is a strong and durable - that qualities for which products of the plant Piazzetta always valued.

Lift door

Practical and safe

Vertical lift of the door mechanism ensures complete safety and better control of the combustion process in terms of efficiency and energy conservation. The glass is protected by a closed steel construction, which prevents smoke in the room during the opening and closing of the furnace. The door has a side opening for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Easy cleaning

Quick and practical care

The large removable ash drawer is easy to empty, which makes the cleaning of ash more quick and easy. Timely cleaning of ash residues maintains high furnace efficiency

The combustion chamber of Aluker®

Deliver the best operation and bright flame

The combustion chamber is lined with ALUKER ® - refractory ceramic material, which optimizes the combustion process and heat distribution.

ALUKER ® has exceptional properties of energy conservation and improved resistance to high temperatures, as well as ensures the safety of use, easy maintenance and durability. At the same time, its light shade makes a light brighter. Read more about this patented material here

5 years warranty

Customer support - 10 years

Plant Piazzetta provides a 5 year warranty on the fireplace inserts and stoves. Many years experience of experts of research department  in developing new heating solutions is focused on achieving an ideal combination of performance, safety and durability of the construction. These values provide a long life and your peace of mind in the operation of products Piazzetta. Guarantee of availability of original spare parts for 10 years.

The 4-speed Multifuoco system®.