Fireplace insert Spartherm Magic

High efficiency and reduced fuel consumption

The construction of combustion part optimizes combustion air flow, providing high performance and low fuel consumption. Adjustable supply of primary air and secondary air. Airy heating, natural convection and radiation.


Quick and easy maintenance thanks to the removable ash drawer. Continuous air blowing to the heat-resistant (up to 750ºC) ceramic glass ensures its purity.


Produced in accordance with European standards EN 13240, EN 13229, which set the requirements for the production of solid-fuel heating devices; products are accompanied by labeling of compliance with standards EC, as well as certified in accordance with DIN.


Steel door framing border on all four sides in basic complectation.
In addition, by request the furnace can be equipped with a surcharge decorative frame in one of the following versions:

  • S - Стандарт - Frame covered with black heat-resistant paint
  • LE - Luxus-Elegance - Polished gold fringing
  • LEM - Luxus-Elegance matt - Matte gold fringing
  • LA - Luxus-Avantgarde - Polished chrome border
  • LAM - Luxus-Avantgarde matt - Matte chrome border
  • E - Elegance - Polished gold (door and frame)
  • EM - Elegance matt - Matte gold (door and frame)
  • A - Avantgarde - Polished chrome (door and frame)
  • AM - Avantgarde matt - Matte chrome (door and frame)
  • VAG - Polished stainless steel

Other features of fireplace inserts Spartherm:

  • adjusting of the intensity of combustion,
  • heat resistant ceramic glass,
  • built-in ash pan,
  • a snug fit of the door around the perimeter in the closed state,
  • possibility to equip an additional modular convection to improve the distribution of the heated air throughout the rooms. 
Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 300
Width, sm 66.5
Height, sm 146.8
Depth, sm 66.5
General characteristics
Country of origin Germany
Form of facade radial
Body structure steel + refractory ceramics
Air intake optional
Facade width 60-69 cm
Firebox Chamotte brick cover
Type of heating aerial
Door opening sideways
Body steel
The bottom of combustion chamber shamotte
Width of facade, cm 60.9
Primary air manually adjustable
Secondary air fixed flow
Flue damper no
Ash pan removable
Fuel wood
Technical data
Efficiency, % 80
Heat output, kW 12
Flue gas temperature, °С 370
Flue diameter, mm 180

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Fireplace insert Spartherm Magic

  • Brand: Spartherm
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