Fireplace Kratki Amelia/P/BS/G

The cost of the project includes:

  • fireplace insert
  • ventilation grills
  • materials for the construction of the convection thermo-box (technical construction):
    • refractory drywall;
    • heat-resistant insulation;
    • insulating adhesive tape;
  • Materials for the connection to an existing chimney:
    • section of pipe needed 1 m in diameter;
    • knee 45º;
  • foam block for installation of the insert at the correct height (manufacturing of pedestal);
  • works on installation of the insert, connection it to the chimney, construction of convection thermo-box.

The cost of the project does not include:

  • Drywall finishing works (putty, plaster) - is usually carried out by the employees of the customer with room finishing;
  • materials for external decorative lining of fireplaces (final choice of materials is carried out together with the customer);
  • materials and works on the air distribution to other rooms (estimates can be made only upon consultation with the customer at the site);                                                                      
  • connection of the external air supply for combustion (even if the insert is provided by the external air supply in the standard, the cost of connection of the outside air can be calculated only after examination of the place of installation);
  • the construction of the chimney, its sleeving with steel pipe (the preparatory phase of the work, can be ordered separately).
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Fireplace Kratki Amelia/P/BS/G

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  • Product Code: FP - Amelia/P/BS/G
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Large combustion chamber with a decorative back panel. High smoke box, to increase the power ..
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