Fireplace portal Stimlex Rio (wall, corner)

Fireplace claddings made by Stimlex (Ukraine) can be made both in the wall and in the corner version (the price does not change).
The size of the cladding can be adapted to the furnace (check with the manager for details).
The fireplace portal is delivered in disassembled form. We recommend trusting the assembly exclusively to experienced fireplace engineers who professionally master the techniques of properly installing fireplace inserts and cladding.
Manufacturer's warranty - 1 year.

What is included in the price of this offer?

This price includes the elements of the facing of the fireplace from the floor ending with the mantelpiece (girder).
The cost of not assembling the portal, fireplace insert, additional materials and work (for the construction of a convection heat box of gypsum board with refractory insulation with foil basalt mats) is NOT included in the price.
Separately, a calculation is made for the construction of a chimney, in case it is not ready to connect a fireplace furnace. The estimate is provided only after consultation with the engineer at your facility.

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Fireplace portal Stimlex Rio (wall, corner)

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