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  • Building a house, and approached to installing a fireplace?
  • Planning to install a fireplace in the house, which you already live in?
  • Wishing the operation of your fireplace be safe, and looking for a professional chimney master?

One of the important decisions that you will need to make in connection with the installation of a fireplace is to make a choice between an open and a closed fireplace.

Open fireplace (fireplace with an open combustion chamber) is a fireplace, open from one or more sides, which is made of a refractory stone directly in your house using traditional technologies.

Closed fireplace (fireplace with a closed combustion chamber) inherently contains  a cast iron or steel fireplace insert, manufactured in the factory conditions, with a door of heat-resistant glass, the system of afterburning of unburned flue gases and other technological innovations.

In countries with a long tradition of using of fireplaces, and in recent years also in Ukraine, fireplaces with a closed combustion chamber become very popular and are installed by most homeowners. We made our choice - and specialize in the construction of closed type of fireplaces.

Advantages of closed fireplaces:

  1. Effectiveness as a heating source
  2. Economy of wood
  3. Reduction of emissions of carbon monoxide
  4. Fire safety
  5. Less ash and soot
  6. Less oxygen consumption for fuel combustion
  7. Safety of your children
  8. Quality of fireplace inserts is ensured by certification and factory warranty
  9. Flexibility of design selection - from traditional to ultramodern
  10. Ability to create a backup heating system based on the fireplace

What you need to take into account when choosing a  fireplace

Compliance with the design of fireplace and interior surrounds

Naturally, style, size, location of the fireplace depends on the room in which it is installed. If the whole interior is close to the country style, rustic fireplace fits well, with small size of the room - the corner fireplace. The perfect choice for classical interiors  is  U-shaped marble frame, mounted on a false wall finished to match the walls of the room. Minimalist and modern interiors go together with rectangular fireplaces, with frame made of marble or metal on a false wall in a contrasting color or white. Fashionable tunnel and U-shaped fireplace inserts, wide format fireplace inserts also emphasize the modern style of your interior. Some models of fireplace inserts (such as fireplace inserts of BeF Home) have a metal frame around the hearth, which may serve as a portal on plaster wall.

The presence of vertical lift door

Vertical lift door of fireplace insert (Guillotine) allows you to enjoy an open fire without hindrance - a raised door is completely hidden inside the lining of the fireplace.
Side door opening allows you to reduce the cost of the fireplace construction by 300-500 euros, but if you want to sit in front of an open fireplace, the side-opening door will be more vulnerable to mechanical damage of the glass.

Shape of the door glass of the fireplace insert

Our catalog offers a variety of fireplace inserts with the glass of non-standard configurations: L-shape, prismatic, radial, tunnel  (two windows on opposite sides of the fireplace insert let you set one fireplace for two rooms), U-shape.
It is worth noting that the most economical choice is a simple flat glass (because of the cost of the fireplace insert, as well as the cost of follow-up finishing). The presence in this category of widescreen fireplace inserts, inserts with vertical glass allows to make your fireplace focal point of the interior.

Capacity of fireplace inserts

We offer fireplace inserts with capacity ranging from 4 to 25 kW, allowing heating an area up to 200 m2. When choosing a fireplace insert for heating a large area,  a system for heat distribution through the house must be set up - through ducts and natural convection (gravity system), using  forced convection (hot air is distributed by the ventilation fans) or by connecting the water circuit of the fireplace insert to the system of radiators in your home. The cost of such a system may exceed the cost of the fireplace.

Material of which the fireplace insert is made 

Fireplace inserts proposed in our catalog, are made of either a thick-walled cast iron, or a combination of steel, cast iron and refractory ceramic material, which coats a combustion chamber.
Cast iron inserts are cheaper than steel ones, more powerful and allow retaining the heat longer - due to high heat capacity of the entire cast-iron construction and presence of the fins on the body of the insert.
Design of steel inserts is more exquisite due to ceramic lining of the combustion chamber.
Double steel carcass also allows you to purchase additional system of forced convection of heat emitted by the fireplace (for example, the Italian factory Piazzetta offers system Multifuocco"). In such a heating system the air is heated  uniformly from floor to ceiling.

Why you should book the fireplace on our website

We use only high-quality equipment and accessories for installation of fireplaces

We are not looking for an increase in sales due to the inclusion of a cheap thin-walled fireplace inserts to our assortment . Fireplace inserts that we offer, are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards (EN 13229 industry, EN13240, EN 12815, EN 14785, national, eg, Swiss VKF), have a certified quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, and national industry awards.
The quality of the other components for the installation (insulation, heat-resistant tape, steel pipe and other parts of the chimney.) for the construction of the fireplace also ensures durability and reliability of the construction.

We have great experience in installation of closed fireplaces

We are working on the market of closed fireplaces since 2003. During this time, our contractors have installed hundreds of closed fireplaces with fireplace inserts of different manufacturers, imported by our company. Photos of finished works of our fireplace engineers are posted on the website on the "Gallery" page.  

Free estimation of the fireplace cost 

At your request, we can send to your house an engineer who inspects the readiness of the premises for the installation of fireplace. He will examine the construction of the chimney (if any), adjacent wall and floor covering, conduct  a technical analysis of the foundation in place of  fireplace installation. Also, he will show you the fireplace projects catalog, ready fireplace castings, examples of his own works, or analyze your own design project.
Depending on your needs (for what purpose you need a fireplace – do you intend to heat the house, or just sit by the fire, which design you prefer) and possible budget for installation of the fireplace, he will offer you options for the design of the closed fireplace (chimney, fireplace inserts, air distribution, finished mantel (fireplace portal), internal partitions (convection box) or framing on an individual project of the materials of your choice). After agreeing on the basic details of the project, the engineer performs pre-estimate for the construction of the fireplace to approve it with you and to start working on the contract.
Order consultation by fireplace engineer for free, and you will receive useful advice and calculation of estimates for the construction of the fireplace in your home. The visit of the engineer does not oblige you, after calculating of the estimates  you can refrain from making an order. Note: If your home is located further than 5 kilometers from the regional center (i.e. Kyiv) you may be asked to pay travelling expenses of the engineer.

The warranty on the fireplace is fixed in the contract

After all the preliminary arrangements on cost, timing and other details of the work we will sign a contract. It will guarantee you the observance of accuracy and concreteness in our agreements, the responsibility for the quality of our work and the accuracy of the declared terms of work.
In addition to the contract for the installation of fireplace, you also get a warranty certificate for fireplace inserts. 

You can choose from more than 300 models of fireplace inserts,

For 10 years on the market of closed fireplaces, we have selected the best, on our opinion, manufacturers of fireplace inserts (according to the criteria: quality / price ratio, practicality, reliability and aesthetics). We work with all presented manufacturers of products, and have our own stock of fireplace inserts at our warehouse in Kyiv.
In a convenient catalog on our website there are fireplace inserts of such European manufacturers as Piazzetta (Italy), Kratki (Poland), BeF Home (Blanzek) (Czech Republic), Laudel and Invicta (France), Dimplex (Canada). Fireplace inserts, which cost about half the price of the fireplace, are imported from Europe, with five-year factory warranty.

You can buy fireplace inserts available at the best prices

From the range of our manufacturers, we have made the selection of the most successful models, and hold such fireplace inserts in our stock.
Other components materials are purchased directly from manufacturers or importers - when installing fireplace by our master You can also buy them at prices not exceeding the prices of building supermarkets.

You do not have to leave the prepayment for fireplace insert

The most popular models are available from stock. You pay for the fireplace insert cash on delivery - at your home. You do not have to ring up different shops, leave prepayment and Financing  your order on rare and exclusive models of fireplace inserts, fireplace facings (fireplace portal) will be discussed.

Consultation at a convenient for you time from Monday to Friday from 10-00 to 20-00

We will not leave you alone to understand the complexities of the technical characteristics of different fireplaces and fireplace inserts - listening to your needs, we will help to choose such a project of fireplace that not only fits into your interior, but also will heat the house at faults with gas or electricity .
Experienced specialists of our company will warn you of potentially unsafe technical solutions, unnecessary costs in the incarnation contrived designs, give advice on the selection of the construction of fireplace within a given budget.


What is included in the price of fireplace

1. Chimney



The existing brick chimney shaft must be previously "canned" with pipes made of stainless steel using various elements of construction of the inner channel of the chimney before installing the fireplace (prices for the materials are in the catalog). For example, the cost of chimney canning with height of 7 m and a diameter of 200 mm will be from 4800 UAH. (Including materials and the work). Some chimneys have a non-standard sizes and require custom metal parts.
If the chimney is not provided in your house during the construction, or else if its size doesn’t allow you to set the fireplace or fireplace insert with the desired power, we can offer double-walled chimney of thermal pipes type of  sandwich (no brick shaft). Double wall stainless steel pipe and an inner insulating layer of basalt allow to conduct the chimney of thermal pipes both inside and outside the house. The cost of the chimney will be from 7500 UAH. (Height of 7 m, internal diameter of 200 mm). Chimney sections that pass through the living quarters on the second floor mounted inside "the mine" - a box of heat-resistant drywall with basalt insulation.




2. Fireplace insert



Fireplace insert is the main tech "stuffing" of the closed fireplace. Technical specifications of fireplace inserts are largely determine the end result - the functionality and appearance of the fireplace. Cost of fireplace inserts in our catalog - from 4000 UAH. (of cast iron, with a side opening), and from 16 000 UAH. (of steel, with vertical lift door, with a combustion chamber lined with a ceramic material). Here are the important parameters of fireplace inserts:

  • power and efficiency
  • material (iron, steel, ceramics lining)
  • the apparent size of glass and its shape (straight, oval, prismatic, ...)
  • availability of lifting the door or opening the door sideways,
  • presence / absence of the external air supply

Fireplace insert requires installation – the installation on the prepared pedestal or legs and connection to the chimney.

3. Fireplace portal



Fireplace portal can be bought readymade (requires only installation), or made to order of any material to your taste on the individual project.

There are two common forms of fireplace portals for closed fireplaces:

  • U-shaped or rectangular frame (as on the photo of the interior at the beginning of the article). In this case, the fireplace insert is embedded in the false wall of a heat-resistant drywall, insulated with foil basalt mats and portal is framing the door of fireplace insert. Italian company Piazzetta’s fireplace portals can be purchased from 505 euros (the exchange rate in UAH).
  • Rustic fireplace portal or country (also called the fireplaces in the French style - as on the photo on the left). As you can see, the portal surrounds fireplace insert on three sides to a height of approx. 1.5-1.7 m and above the mantelpiece is already mounted box of drywall. The price of readymade fireplace portal of company Piazzeta series Rustici (rustic fireplaces) in our catalog - from 1035 euros (+ installation).

4. Convectional box


конвекционный короб

Such convectional box, as on the photo on the left is set if you plan to install the fireplace in a portal frame or U-shaped frame. The box is produced on the site of fireplace installation of refractory drywall, insulated inside with heat-resistant refractory mats Paroc. The cost of the box (work and materials) is from 8000 UAH. (with a width of 1.2 m, not including the final finishing).
If you like rustic fireplace, as on the photo above left, the convectional box has a tapered shape up the basket. Basket for a rustic fireplace will cost from 4000 UAH. (For finishing).
Convectional box is needed for the organization of air around fireplace insert - swirling around the fireplace insert air cools it during the fireplace working, and out into the room through the vents in the top of the box. Thus, the construction of the convectional box is an essential step in the construction of a closed fireplace.




5. The hot air distribution system (optional)



The distribution of hot air by means of duct system allows a more even distribution of heat produced by a fireplace through the house (up to 3 meters - without using of forced ventilation).
Convectional system (without forced ventilation) allows you to heat only 2-4 adjacent rooms, but has three significant advantages: does not dependent on electricity, low noise, economical. Prices from 4000 UAH.
Air distribution system with forced convection allows you to heat greater number of rooms and further away from the fireplace, but it has a drawback - it depends on electricity. Piazzetta companie’s technology Multifuoco® can distribute a heat evenly - from floor to ceiling. Each project is calculated individually, depending on the location and amount of heated space.



Examples of calculating the total cost of the fireplace


What is included in the cost:




  Fireplace in the convectional box "unfinishing" Fireplace with frame made of colored majolica Classic fireplace of Italian marble 




>MA 260 SL

MA 262 SL

FIREPLACE INSERT ZUZIA - 630 € MA 260 SL 1820 € MA 262 SL 2250 €
Installation works (more ... 5000 UAH 5000 UAH 7000 UAH
Materials (more ... 7800 UAH 8800 UAH 9500 UAH
FIREPLACE PORTAL - Easy - 710 € Alghero - 3025 €
The first launch of the fireplace + + +
Instructing on the rules of operation + + +
COST OF FIREPLACE 630 € + 12800 UAH 2530 € + 13800 UAH 5275 € + 16500 UAH
Discount on the purchase of the insert (10%) - 253 € 528 €

(Due to the fluctuation of the euro, prices in the table are not converted into the hryvnia. Current value of goods in local currency can be found in our catalog on the links in the table). It includes work of chimney canning only on the 1st floor (in the room where the fireplace is installed).

If you are not sure that such a fireplace is suitable for you

These proposals for the creation of the fireplace are designed so that you can previously get acquainted with our price policy, and certain aspects of the technical part. In fact, we can choose the fireplace with a fireplace insert any of our product range together (200+ from five factories, costing from 410 euros), with one of the 60+ ready fireplace facings from our catalog (costing from 505 euros), or make a box for fireplace of plasterboard with insulation (under the plaster finish, without the portal, there are many examples in the article Fireplaces of plasterboard) or to offer you a fireplace portal of materials to choose on an individual project.
After prior consultation by phone, we will send the engineer (master chimney) to you, who will check the conditions for connecting the fireplace, and will discuss with you the design project of finished fireplace.
A visit of the engineer and a preliminary estimate - for free!

* If your house is located 5 kilometers from Kiev or other regional center, in which our representatives work, we will ask you to pay transport costs or to organize delivery of the engineer to the place of fireplace installation.


1. The warranty for fireplace inserts

All fireplace inserts supplied by our company have factory warranty for 5 years.

The warranty is confirmed by two documents - the factory warranty certificate (placed in the fireplace insert), and warranty card issued by the dealer.

Do not leave the installation of fireplace inserts for general construction workers! Improper installation of the fireplace insert may cause malfunction, overheat, ignite of not properly isolated neighboring structures.

2. Warranty on works on creation of closed fireplace

Constructed fireplace is issued by the guarantee under the contract while the transmission of work performed.

We guarantee the compliance of transmitted structure with building codes, fire safety requirements, as well as the requirements of the manufacturer of the fireplace insert. Warranty period is determined individually depending on the material, which was used in the lining.

The warranty does not cover damage due to violation of rules of operation of closed fireplace, and the manufacturer's instructions.

P.S. Do not leave the installation of the fireplace insert to dubious experts

Often in the pursuit of savings and finding cheap mounting consumer facing problems of poor installation of a fireplace, dubious masters, and do not forget that the fireplace insert is a powerful heater and its installation requires appropriate knowledge and practice. Installation of the fireplace insert by a specialist is a key to your safety.

P.P.S. Consultation and estimates for closed fireplace - for free

Consultation for installation of closed fireplace, visit of the engineer to the object to prepare a draft of the closed fireplace, and a preliminary estimate - for free (up to 5 km from the region. center). We offer many types of constructions, with or without fireplace portals, the total value of which is already known. Of course, if you want to order a exquisite design of fireplace portal, you will need to pay the designer for drawing the design project (depending on the complexity of the individual project).




 Get a pre-consultation and get free visit of an engineer to calculate the estimate by calling

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