Made to Measure Fireplace Inserts

Made to Measure Fireplace Inserts

Designed to fit into existing wall openings or custom-made cavities in walls constructed offibre plasterboard (stud walls), gas concrete or brick, the fireplace inserts from ebios-fire®are made to measure solutions, which offer a wealth of options. Dimensions and layoutscan be adapted to suit any flue-less fire application.

Glass panels in optic white hardened glass in front of the opening/s of the fireplace arerecommended in order to protect the flames from draught.

These easily installed fireplace inserts can be equipped with either the manual wick burneror the automatic burner from ebios-fire® and require a minimum wall depth of 270mm.

Two choices of design are available: model Kensington in a timeless, no-fuss, minimalistappearance and model Chelsea which features a 50mm wide frame in brushed stainlesssteel, which can also be made in other metals like copper or brass as well as in othercolours on request.

Each fireplace insert comes with a detailed technical drawing as well as step-by-stepinstallation guide.

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