Quadra Inside SL (drop-in burners)

Quadra Inside SL (drop-in burners)

This section contains drop-in burners such as wick burners and automatic burners that allow you to build a long line of fire from 500 to 1500 mm by combining up to 3 burners in a single installation. All burners are designed for integration into the construction of the fireplace and are sold as part of the Architects Collection series from ebios-fire (Spartherm). Bioethanol fireplaces, that do not require installation and construction of furnishing, are presented in the Design Collection series.

Burners with a name Quadra Drop-inare wick burners, and Quadra Drop-in Automatic, respectively, - automatic burners (wich feature remote control, a variety of sensors and safe operation, etc.).

Roman numerals I, II, III in the model name refer to the number of 500mm connected burners, thus

  1. - fire line of 500 mm,
  2. - fire line of 1000 mm,
  3. - ire line of 1500 mm.
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