Stove Piazzetta Brunico

Exceptional autonomy

Up to 6 hours of burning on one wood  laying

Tests performed in the laboratories of the plant Piazzetta show that wood stoves provide a very long time of burning to re-laying of wood.

Easy cleaning

Easy to maintain

The ash drawer can be easily removed for cleaning. Periodic maintenance of the stove also makes no troubles. Timely cleaning of ash residues maintains high furnace efficiency

Practical fire grate

Functional and effective

Broad and deep grate is very practical in use and provides enough space for gathering coal. The shape of the firebox ensures the supply of pre-heated primary air for combustion optimization and efficiency increasing.

Exceptional thickness of construction

Guarantee of reliability and durability

The door, firebox and grate reach a thickness of 15 mm, which ensures long-lasting service of your wood-burning stove.

The "air-wash" system

The rinsing of ceramic glass

A constant flow of air along the heat-resistant ceramic glass which is resistant to temperatures up to 750ºC, helps it to stay clean, providing an excellent view of the fire.

Facing made of colored majolica

Design and heat storage

Large panels of majolica (baked using special technologies of ceramics coated with colored glaze) not only give stoves Piazzetta attractive appearance, but also act as a heat accumulator. It heats from the firebox part and evenly distributes heat in the room, even after the fire is already extinct.

The combustion chamber of Aluker®

Deliver the best operation and bright flame

The combustion chamber is lined with ALUKER ® - refractory ceramic material, which optimizes the combustion process and heat distribution.

ALUKER ® has exceptional properties of energy conservation and improved resistance to high temperatures, as well as ensures the safety of use, easy maintenance and durability. At the same time, its light shade makes a light brighter. Read more about this patented material here

Kit for external air supply (ext. option)

Optimization of the combustion process and improving the efficiency

In sealed buildings, isolated on energy-saving technologies, the fresh air required for combustion must be withdrawn from outside the house. This kit is an additional option, and it allows to provide intake of outside air into the fireplace insert, thus optimizing the combustion process and increasing its effectiveness.

Multifuoco System®

Comfortable heat from floor to ceiling

This fireplace insert / stove for an extra charge can be equipped with forced ventilation system MULTIFUOCO - it is patented by Piazzetta technical solution to ensure the comfort and constant heat, and represents a forced ventilation system that distributes heat evenly in one or several rooms, and uniformly from floor to ceiling.

Multifuoco System Plus®

Innovative electronic control

An additional set with the four-level forced ventilation with an electronic remote control. The distribution of warm air over a distance up to 10 m.

Weight and product sizes
Weight, kg 200
Width, sm 73
Height, sm 146
Depth, sm 58
characteristics of stoves
Flue location
Exterior finish
Shelf for wood
Cooking zone
General characteristics
Country of origin Italy
Body structure
Air intake
Type of heating
The bottom of combustion chamber
Width of facade, cm
Primary air
Secondary air
Ash pan
Technical data
Heating surface, m2
Efficiency, %
Heat output, kW
Wood consumption, kg/h
Flue diameter, mm

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Stove Piazzetta Brunico

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