Heating wood-burning stoves for homes and country houses  which are presented in our catalog, are classified as long-burning stoves. Presented stoves are available in a wide range of finishes - from classic cast iron stoves in retro design, to the bright, colorful stoves-fireplaces, covered with colored majolica.

Compared to the traditional fireplaces, heating stoves are quite cost-effective solution, because they do not require complicated installation and additional finishing. All that is required  is  installing wood-burning stove on the non-flammable floor away from combustible surfaces, and  connecting it to the chimney.

Even inexpensive stoves can serve as a reliable source of primary or alternate heating of small house or cottage, saving money on gas and electricity. At the same time, in our catalog there are only high-quality products of European manufacturers, which are backed with 5-year warranty.

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