10 trends in decoration, which will change your home for the best in 2017

Posted by Lisabeth Vatkina 05/01/2017 0 Comments Interior design,

Fashionable and unusual interior always looks spectacular. The new year promises us a lot of creative and bright ideas to make our homes not only beautiful, but also convenient and comfortable. What innovations will be curious to ask the main trends in the decoration of the house? We present our 10 most interesting and recent trends in the decoration of the house, which should be expected in 2017.

1. Bright and warm colors

2. Butterflies as element of decor

3. Round fixtures

4. Variety of ornamental decor

5. Artificial materials, that imitate natural ones

6. Texture everywhere

7. Dark blue

8. Pure white color for the decor elements

9. The abundance of handmade decorative elements

10. Fireplaces

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